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                            THE STORY 

As the Chef/Owner of PECA chocolates, I created this company to satisfy a need of my own. I wanted chocolates with balanced creative flavors, that were delicate, beautiful and most importantly made with the best ingredients available. As a gift or just for myself, they needed to be special.


With 16 years of experience in the industry, I polished my style while working in New York at Per Se and at Blue Hill at Stone Barns. It's there that I learned the respect for ingredients while developing an appreciation for the importance of presentation. One without the other is just not complete.


                          THE MISSION


Made of all things luscious and scrumptious, my chocolates

are handmade in humble batches. Everything is crafted by hand, by me. The goal, pure and simple, is to share my love

of chocolate and to create happiness.


Sourcing only the finest products, I use local, organic when available, as well as the best European ingredients to make chocolates that I want to eat. I believe that you will too!





                                          Kathryn Mirtsopoulos


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